blimps, fire, orchids, and lightning

Another day out on the panther pasture, we were out looking for lightning strikes from the day before when a few new fires popped up out side of the refuge. A short explanation on the lightning tracking is due I am sure, we use an online version of the lightning sensors that are used across the nation, we download the coordinates (lat and long) and then go looking for new fires or lightning struck trees. Yesterday we had around 20 strikes on the refuge so we split up and went looking for either fires or lightning struck trees. Here’s some photos from my day…

A blimp

I didn’t see anything about Ice Cube being a pimp.

I found a new cigar orchid (also known as cowhorn)

A demised deer…

Using the GPS to find lightning strikes.

Rain to the left, fire to the right.

Looking for orchids and lightning strikes.

Out in the woods, I am happy.

Some sort of alien face you would expect to find on Endor.

The last water holes go to the biggest gators.

Looking up!


About lackofintellect

I work in Atlanta but travel the country for work often. I enjoy photographing the scenery, the people and the events that are part of my life. Enjoy the photos.
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