More flowers…

Took the first trip out in the wet swamp this year looking for Ghost Orchids…

Success is hard to measure, but we had fun and found 4 flowers. I got a bit lost, but not too bad, also ran into two Cottonmouths, could have done without them. We were in about knee deep water, and navigating was a bit awkward from time to time with all the hidden logs and holes underwater, thankfully no one took a spill.

So here’s the photos, also at the bottom check out the link for some more photos that I may have not posted in here.

Cottonmouth #1, #2 was much larger, but left much quicker

Resurrection fern

PJ looks for orchids


About lackofintellect

I work in Atlanta but travel the country for work often. I enjoy photographing the scenery, the people and the events that are part of my life. Enjoy the photos.
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