Water Ditching in NOLA

This week I am helping out with our National Pilots Ground School in New Orleans.  One of the trainings that was offered this week was Water Ditching, which involves escaping an aircraft after a water landing(see ditching).  I participated in this training a few years back, it’s a blast and I wish I had been able to get in the “dunker” for this session but unfortunately we were short of hands so I was one of the people tipping the “dunker” into the water.  You gotta love the fact we were doing this on the top of a 9 story hotel that’s 100 years old.



Photos from my Water Ditching training in Naples, FL.




About lackofintellect

I work in Atlanta but travel the country for work often. I enjoy photographing the scenery, the people and the events that are part of my life. Enjoy the photos.
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