B+W on Frenchmen

Took the camera out on the town last night, treated it to dinner and some live music on Frenchmen in New Orleans.  Here are some photos that I toned to B+W from the evening.  Enjoy!



About lackofintellect

I work in Atlanta but travel the country for work often. I enjoy photographing the scenery, the people and the events that are part of my life. Enjoy the photos.
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2 Responses to B+W on Frenchmen

  1. Brad Robinson (Captain Hays County Sheriff's Office} says:

    Just checking out your website.
    Love the Black and White pictures, what camera are you using when taken your pictures, and how in the hell to you get the black and white photos to jump out and look so freaking good.
    We where in a school together about 5 years ago in Bastrop Texas.
    I work you the Sheriffs office here at Hays County.
    Thanks Brad..
    PS. I need to know how you get your black and white pictures to turn out the way you do.
    Do you you Photshop, light room?

    • Brad, I took these photos with my Nikon D700. I shoot them in RAW and did some toning in photoshop. I always shoot color but sometimes I convert low light photos like the above to b+w. I always shoot in manual mode which gives me more control over exposure and the use of the light, I tend to underexpose in these cases to bring emphasis to the light.
      Thanks for the comment, hope you and your family weren’t too impacted by the fires in Texas last year. I missed my team’s assignment to Bastrop because I was out on the hurricane in NC.

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