Georgia Marathon on my street.

Every year the Georgia Marathon goes right by my house, it looks too crowded for my taste and I already have my one marathon planned in November.  I say one because I think after one I will just go back to running distance for fun.  I enjoy running but I am too competitive so I think it’s best if I just run for fun.  I picked up my old Nikon and took some photos of the run up the hill here.  The neighborhood really comes out for this race which was as interesting to watch as the runners faces as they headed up the hill here. 

I took some photos with my Holga, so look for some photos when I get them developed.  Now get out there and run!




About lackofintellect

I work in Atlanta but travel the country for work often. I enjoy photographing the scenery, the people and the events that are part of my life. Enjoy the photos.
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