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Marfa, TX

Two photos from my Holga from my short trip down to Marfa, TX to check out where the Rockhouse fire started and also  to grab a bite at the Food Shark food truck.   Advertisements

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West Texas

Photos from my trip to Marfa, TX on my last day in West Texas.

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Putting this fire in the rearview, I am off to the Rockhouse fire in way-west Texas

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Fireline Easter

The Cocochino Regular crewboss decided to hide candy filled Easter eggs along the stretch of fire line his crew was working today.  Here’s a few of the eggs I gathered with my camera before the crew found them.

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Lightnin’ in Tejas pt. 1

I had to pull over on my drive back to the hotel tonight, this is the second night of amazing thunderstorms here in Texas.  They need the rain here but they don’t need the tornadoes and lightning.  Tonight I didn’t … Continue reading

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Iron v. The Regulars

These photos are from the PK Complex, today fire line was being put in by dozers (Iron) and by a hand crew (Coconino Regulars).

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TX-LA border

Some sights on LA-8 which turns into TX-63.

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