Holga in Puerto Rico

From a trip to Puerto Rico in July, from my Holga.


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Calendars are coming, they will just be fashionably late!

Sorry I have been lagging on this, I know there are several folks out there that like to have my calendar every year.  I just have been so busy this December.  I finally sat some time aside yesterday and selected photos for this year’s calendar.  Let me know if you want one and I will get you one as close to the new year as possible.  I will be working out the cost and shipping method the week before Christmas and I can take payments by paypal, in person or through the mail.  So email me and we will get this all worked out!

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B+W on Frenchmen

Took the camera out on the town last night, treated it to dinner and some live music on Frenchmen in New Orleans.  Here are some photos that I toned to B+W from the evening.  Enjoy!


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Water Ditching in NOLA

This week I am helping out with our National Pilots Ground School in New Orleans.  One of the trainings that was offered this week was Water Ditching, which involves escaping an aircraft after a water landing(see ditching).  I participated in this training a few years back, it’s a blast and I wish I had been able to get in the “dunker” for this session but unfortunately we were short of hands so I was one of the people tipping the “dunker” into the water.  You gotta love the fact we were doing this on the top of a 9 story hotel that’s 100 years old.



Photos from my Water Ditching training in Naples, FL.



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Trip to Metairie Cemetary

I met an old friend in New Orleans this weekend and we decided to take in a cemetery during our weekend visit.  Here are a few photos from the Metairie Cemetery.

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Flight to Portland


Sunrise over GA/AL


Somewhere over Colorado?


Somewhere over Utah.


Mount Hood

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Ice sculpture at King of Pops Field Day

This weekend I helped with a festival setup by The King of Pops that paid back the community for all their support and business as well as raising money for the local record store.  I was pretty busy helping set up and then I got wrapped up in helping with the ping-pong tournament and it was dark before I realized.  Then out came the Ice Cuban, his block of ice and electric chainsaw.  And the results are why you always bring your camera along, I believe I got some good shots, judge for yourself.

If you ever visit Atlanta you must get a Popsicle from King of Pops.

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